The Energy Storage Market in Europe

Date: Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 11:00 -12:00

The webinar will review the energy storage market in Europe in its current state and identify the key factors of the industry. Some use-cases are discussed to reveal the existing business models for both hardware and software-based businesses. Based on the trends in the key-areas, an outlook for future trends is given.


    • The current state of the energy storage market
    • Overview of main existing business models and their value proposition
    • Obstacles and main drivers in energy storage
    • Looking into the future: New market segments & trends

    Reasons why

    Learn how and where value is created in the emerging market of stationary energy storage and what factors are important to monitor in the future. This webinar will give a sound outlook on the next trends in this market.


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    • Compact knowledge transfer
    • Being free from restrictions to time and place
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    EIT InnoEnergy

    EIT InnoEnergy brings together the three elements of what is known as the Knowledge Triangle – higher education, research and industry – to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The company’s pan-European network of partners includes 23 shareholders, as well as 430+ associate and project partners which represent the best of Europe’s industry, research, and higher education – and all are key players within the energy sector.

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    Business models must adapt to keep pace with change and innovation. But how do you ensure your business models are truly capitalising on all the opportunities? EIT InnoEnergy is now accepting enrolments on a virtual expert-led workshop in Energy Storage Innovation. Through interactive virtual learning, you will dive deep into every aspect of bringing an innovative storage concept to the market. You will explore the critical ideas and try out new approaches, and building new strategies for your business.

    This Webinar is for CEOs, Engineers, Business-Analysts, Startups, Investors und Entrepreneurs, also for Public utilities and Energy supply companies.

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    • 3. Juni 2020
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